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Public Alert Price List

Public Alert Software
Alert Packages
Level Number of Households Public Alert Yearly Subscription Optional Additional Departments
Basic 0-200 $225.00 $50.00
Level 1 201-500 $275.00 $50.00
Level 2 501-1000 $325.00 $50.00
Level 3 1001-2500 $750.00 $50.00
Level 4 2501-5000 $1,500.00 $50.00
Weather All $60.00  
Alert Packages Alert Packages Cost
Unused Alert are carried over*
2,000 $140.00
4,000 $270.00
6,000 $360.00
8,000 $440.00
10,000 $500.00

Unused alerts can be carried over...." and "**Alerts per year" is the number of individual alert messages received by residents. All levels include 1,000 Free Alerts!

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Your individual departments such as public works, police, or fire department can even create their own alerts file for special alerts for law enforcement or volunteer fire fighters.

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